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Provide manufacturing solutions for more industries.Improve efficiency and reliability in large-scale manufacturing.

An increasing number of high-quality products enter into our daily life to make our life more comfortable.

IPI apply large-scale inspection and Measurement technology and productive technology which originates from top consumption electronical sector in different markets. And IPI can offer automatic manufacturing solutions for different products.

Precision Inspection and Measurement


High-precision inspection results ensure customer's product quality, powerful universal software platform meets the modern production management requirements of customers, and the ability to quick response and specialized service conforms to customer willingness to extend market and lay a solid foundation for IPO.

Production line:more than 500 lines Precision Machine: more than 500 sets. ,青青草国产免费在线AV,青青草国产不雅线,青青草正在不雅免费

Precision Assembly

Since 2014, IPI's precision assembly solutions have been applied to the world's top electronics and provide them with more than 60 production lines including log classification, housing classification, and logo and housing assembly.IPI's precision assembly solutions are used in more than 10 OEM production sites to support the production of the world's top consumer electronics products.

More than 60 production lines More than 10 bases

Automatic production lines

consumer electronics products.

Provided 45 production lines for Foxconn for the production of the latest high-end mobile phones

LED Automatic Assembly line

  • Challenge

    High Precision Assembly

    (5min)curing time for glue(5min)

    CT requirement: <= 10s/pcs="">

  • Solution,青青草国产免费在线AV,青青草国产不雅线,青青草正在不雅免费 ,青青草国产免费在线AV,青青草国产不雅线,青青草正在不雅免费

    High precision visual inspection

    Precision curing fixture

    Movement system with high speed


  • Value

    Stable FG rate and utilization rate ensure qualified UPH( hundreds of thousand pcs per day).