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Provide manufacturing solutions for more industries.Improve efficiency and reliability in large-scale manufacturing.

IPI, oriented by customer requirement, keeps conscientious research and development process management. IPI ensures reliability through organization setup and process standardized. Moreover, IPI can provide many kinds of unique technology service according to high-end customer requirement in national market.

IPI is able to apply diversified technology in smart automatic manufacturing field.

Core Competence

detection technology

In the field of 2D 3D inspection technology, IPI has long-term independent research and development, with industry-leading performance, and reserves many patents and knowledge base. IPI integrates not only standard graphical processing algorithm, but also non-standard graphical processing algorithm.

Two CCDs used by IPI graphical processing algorithm can scan 10 pictures (5.0 Mega Pixel) within one second.

Software Modularization Technology
  • Platform integrates mainstream hardware protocol and common communication protocol. It is convenient to configure according to project requirement. There is no need to redevelop and retest. As a result, it shorten delivery date.

  • Platform which enjoys 200 function module can achieve complexity logic function process and easily process graphical and laser data. It can also control motion card, IO card, PLC, robot, etc. to perform the corresponding actions.

  • Powerful data analysis. Platform can derive data and calculate Gage R&R, Correlative, CP/CPK, conduct graphical analysis for data.

  • Modularization programming shorten duration of machine calibration. Graphic formed by software and data download by server, which meet customer modernization production management requirement.

Integrated Technology





In the IPI technical solution, four-axis and six-axis robots of world famous brands such as Epson and Mitsubishi, and IPI visual inspection and positioning system are used, so that the transmission, inspection and assembly of products are completed at high speed and reliability. Compared with traditional linear module, robot will be faster and acceptable.

Pre-research technology

Deep learning for appearance instrumentation

Deep learning for Appearance instrumentation based on superficial learning for data.

Inspection data can be shown in different ways such as pixel vector, or a range of sides, certaion areas objectively.It is easier to learn task from examples by using some certain way. Compared with capturing product feature, deep learning takes more effective algorithm for non-supervision and half supervision feature learning and layer feature learning.

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Research and Development systematization

  • Analysis current process
  • Research on technology principle and knowledge
  • Design technology solution
  • Scenario validation and sample making
  • Cooperate with other supplier to testing jointly
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Comprehensive research and development team

According to project requirement, IPI set up comprehensive research and development team for every project from scratch. Team member: mechanical engineer, vision software engineer, electrical engineer, supplier. Project specialized ensure continuity of resource input.

  • Mechanical engineer
  • Visual software engineer
  • Electrical engineer
  • Supplier engineer

Satisfy individual requirement for Research and development

Research and Development systematization

Hardware module can provide special design service to meet customer unique requirement. For Example, IPI individually develop luminous light source for polishing on condition of CCD high-speed shutter.

Well-rounded research and development team

Simulate real production status, build up simulation testing platform, process simulation And analysis the data. All this ensure reliability and adaptability of research and development fruits.

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