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IPI build up ability to grasp comprehensive technology. IPI masters most of the technology in manufacturing and enjoys leading manufacturing base and supply chain. Also, IPI provides one-stop delivery from end to end

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  • Scale

    Shenzhen factory covers 10000㎡+

    Suzhou factory covers 30000㎡+

  • Productivity

    Automatic single machine 500-700 sets

    Automatic manufacturing line 20-30 lines

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    Rich experience in assembly and calibration

  • Quality

    Precise components imported from aboard and related instrument imported from Switzerland ,All purchased parts are strictly tested from order to shipment
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    Based on extensive assembly technicians, IPI have mature and cooperative production system.IF necessary, IPI can invite specialist to promote the process of delivery meeting special requirement. ,浑青草免费视频2017 青青草在线免费成人视频 青浑草原免费视频在线播放

Strategy Cooperation

IPI aims to achieve win-win procurement and establish long-term strategic partnership with suppliers. IPI establishes long-term strategic partnerships with suppliers, based on the supply chain management model, and tracks the entire process from manufacturers, distributors, and distributors to achieve information sharing, risk sharing, and coexistence of interests.IPI has cooperated with suppliers for 10 years to ensure quality, quantity, cycle time of components and others. IPI encourages supplier to focus on product technology upgradation and fully support them.

Quick response

Quick delivery to IPI: It takes 20 days from machine design to shipping. Component processing cycle is 7 days. Also, Supplier can make quick response about alteration, finished alteration job within 2 days and the product yield is 98%


IPI sets up quality management department and strategic target. IPI's quality management system is certified to the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Not only that, PI attaches great importance to continuous improvement, regularly audits internal processes, and continually modifies and adjusts equipment production procedures.

  • Shenzhen High-tech Enterprises

  • National High-tech Enterprises

  • ISO 9001

  • Software Copyright

  • Patent certificate

Perfect after-sales service system

Service commitment

IPI sets up quality management department and strategic target. IPI's quality management system is certified to the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Service site
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